Identifying Depresssion

Hi there, it seems finally in India people are getting familiar with the word depression. Its been talk of the town a lot lately. I don’t want to talk about what is depression but about its symptoms because instead of defining lets know how to identify it which will make it more easy to know Depression. Now if you google the word ‘depression’ all you will get is the horrendously scary image of black abstract god knows what does it means or people with extreme reactions which is dead scary, let me share some.

I wish depression was so easy to spot on but, it’s not. People don’t go around looking like this or siting in a corner of room where one can spot and say, “hey! I know it its depression”. Depression is not like cold/fever where you sneeze and bingo you have cold, that is not how our world of mental health works, it is different from our physical health. depression has its symptoms and signs just that it requires special attention to it, look around to your friends, relative, sibling, if you see these symptoms present in them you can take them to help. Now present of these symptoms might not mean 100% that the person is in depression but you will surely know  something is wrong and in which direction it is heading to. so lets begin with how do we identify it.

Symptoms of Depression:

A. The symptoms are present for at least 2 weeks. ( this is one of the most important thing to keep in mind guys. the symptoms below has to be there from past 2 weeks, also not all the symptoms will be present in a personas depression manifest in its own different way from people to people but at least 5 of the symptoms  will be there.  Remember different people have different signs and symptoms when in depression.

  1. Sad mood most of the day, nearly everyday with subjective report of being sad or feeling empty or observation made by others.
  2. Markedly decrease interest or pleasure in all or almost all activities  most of the day, nearly every day ( do pay attention to most of the day or nearly everyday ,yes ! people in depression just cannot have fun or stop enjoying activities they once used to not suddenly but with course of time)
  3. Weight loss or weight gain when not dieting, or increase or decrease in appetite nearly everyday. ( imagine a foodie friend of yours just no more feel like eating or is hungry, wont you find it stranger? I would )
  4. SLEEP: insomnia or hypersomnia every day. trust me on this one, this is a big clue if suddenly a friend of yours who was a sloth loved sleeping or used to get eight-hour of proper sleep can’t go to bed  and is awake all night, or if goes to bed he/she does wake up in middle of the night has then has difficulty falling asleep.
  5. Fatigue or loss of energy  nearly everyday : There will be days when you wake up and don’t feel fresh or doing a small task makes you feel exhausted. You feel dull and doze all day long.
  6.  feeling worthless or having inappropriate guilt nearly everyday:  person in depression view the world or start viewing it black and white, going pessimist or thinking negative in fact even seeing negative in most scenario can happen.
  7. Thoughts of death, or committing suicide, can’t stop thinking about suicide, trying to commit one. This one is serious indicator, no one takes life for granted but people in depression, if you ever hear anyone around you saying it to you, or you yourself getting thoughts of ending your life drag that person or your own ass to a psychologist. NO JOKES.

These criteria I mentioned above are definitely going to be present in depression to certain extend. See depression is categorised in terms of its intensity as mild, medium and severe. Someone might show them intensely that it is affecting their daily activity or job or relationship drastically and in some work life or relationship is pretty intact, But the change will be evident in their behavior,mood etc. Faking a smile or orgasm can be easy but not faking your sadness people do try at times to ignore how they feel  but they know it and close one can definitely see it, so when you sense it on based of the symptoms above, take action.

Have a great day,

              ” LIVE THIS ONE LIFE A LITTLE MORE ” – Enliven



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