Depression: more than being sad

nationalgeographic_1361070-22_custom-dc7e677b29304320b41d30fb6bc6df6004405e30-s900-c85Hi there, what if I tell you 50% of people in depression deny depressive feelings and do not appear sad. yes! humans are smarter than we think and also unpredictable to an extend. Depression not only affect our mood but our speech, concentration, thinking, body, sleep, hunger, memory, life, relationship pretty much everything and we must be aware of it. below are some facts that we as a psychologist are aware and so we know what it does to a person which I want to share with you all. we need to look at the bigger picture of depression, it is more than just feeling sad and sad and sad it impacts you and  can changes  your entire personality, the more you ignore it the more it gets hold on you.

  1. Many people in depression have decrease rate and volume of speech.
  2.  Many depressed people will answer in one word with delay response to questions. sometimes they can take literally 2 to 3 mins to answer.
  3. Depressed people have negative views of the world and themselves
  4. All they can think about is loss, guilt, suicide and death
  5. About 10% of all depressed patients have symptoms of thought disorder usually thought blocking and poverty of content.
  6. 50 to 75 percent of all depressed people have depressive pseudodemntia that is concentration issues  and forgetfulness
  7. About 10 to 15 percent of all depressed people commit suicide and about 2/3 have suicidal ideation.
  8. Person in depression will always describe in hyperbolic, they will over emphasize their life problems and they are convinced that improvement is not possible.
  9.  50% of people in depression have their first episode of depression before the age of 40.
  10.  Untreated episode of depression can ast 6 to 13 months.
  11. depression is long-lasting and tends to relapse.

The last two  seems pretty gross and that is why it is important to not neglect depression, specially in a country like india which is already most depressed country in the world.

After all you never say ‘Its just cancer get over it’.


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