All of us constantly live meeting variety of experiences, and at each incident we perceive, react and come to act. In this process we to hoard in our self more and more dirt of new impressions, when we don’t clean this dirt our mind gets unhealthy and an unhealthy mind in itself becomes an easy prey to a host of psychological diseases and we become victim.

Enliven aims at identifying the dirt, eliminating and adopting technique s so we can live more and more with less dirt on our minds. It aims at rejuvenating life so we can enjoy it to its fullest. It focuses on everything that affects a person’s life, education, school, parenting, friends, marriage, relationship, unemployment, culture, religion, brain function and also physical health. A man’s life is like a car which is made up of different components from safety airbags to comfortable seat, to entertainment stereos, enliven focuses on that engine without which a car can’t run and sometimes the engine needs a mechanic¬†who¬†can fix it when the engine malfunctions. that is the job of a mental health professional be it a psychologist or psychiatrist, a therapist.

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